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Re: changes in the design of SRFI-26

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On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 06:50:35PM +0100, sebastian.egner@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Ad 4)
> To keep the matter short: I have decided to change the name of
> the game into CUT. 

I am very glad to hear this.

> Cut as in "section", and c.u.t. as in "curry upon 
> this",
> "can use this", "curry under the hood (or not)?", etc. ;-)
> I am still not so much impressed by the arguments and the polemic
> for or against the names. However, the style of the discussion shows
> me that the SRFI can benefit from a different name. 

As has been pointed out to me by some kind person in private e-mail,
my style of discussion was poor. I apologise for that.

Nevertheless, I think the name curry was controversial (not just by me)
and I am extremely glad it has been changed. 

> During some 
> conceptual blockbusting on that I felt that shortening the name
> might still be a good idea (as proposed several times) and from 
> CWIC it was led to CUT. 
> It is difficult for me to pull myself together not to become cynical 
> about the name discussion, but I will continue to listen to everything
> that is said in the discussion forum. So please tell me what you think
> about it. I have already given up hope for universal popularity, so 
> never mind speaking up :-)

You *do* know what `cut' means in Prolog, don't you? ;-)
[Ducks and runs.]