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Re: is that useful?

sebastian.egner@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
 > What do you use in practice?

I don't use anything of the so far proposed code:

    (defun lisp-insert-lambda ()
      "Insert lambda form at point asking for parameters."
      (insert "(lambda (" (read-string "Variables: ") ") ")
      (save-excursion (insert ")")))

    (add-hook 'scheme-mode-hook
	      #'(lambda ()
		  (local-set-key "\C-cl" 'lisp-insert-lambda)))

It's a "complete" backward-compatible solution that doesn't resort to
special extensions of the language.  For single argument functions the
resulting code is not as readable as the [] notation, but IMHO is
better than any coriander based recipe.

The sense of my previous message is: IMHO, SRFI-26 is not general
enough and introduces a negligible improvement over standard Scheme.

walter pelissero