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A short name.

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I make this little proposition to Sebastian for a short syntax to his
curry srfi.

I think the most practical use of it is to reduce clutter in Scheme

Instead of `curry', I propose `_j'. This name comes from the
projection notation in math. Also, I would use `_' instead of `<>'and
`._.'instead of `<...>'.

So it would look like this

Instead of:                       You see:

(curry cons a <>)                 (_j cons a _)
(curry list 1 <> 3 <> 5)          (_j list 1 _ 3 _ 5)
(curry list)                      (_j list)
(curry list 1 <> 3 <...>)         (_j list 1 _ 3 ._.)

And you get rid of the name problem of curry, partial, etc.

-- Mario