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Re: Changing the name

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>>>>> "felix" == felixundduni  <felix> writes:

felix> Would you have a better name? Grand! Tell us. Not? No problem.

Ehrm, I'm not the one who's complaining about the present name ...

felix> But *please* let's not take the easy, lazy way out

... and it's certainly not because of laziness.

felix> And that it is confusing has been proved.
>> Where?

felix> comp.lang.scheme, for example. 

As we've just established on this list, the confusion was not because
of the name.

felix> And just Imagine the blank faces of your students when you
felix> tell them about this curious CURRY SRFI that doesn't do currying.

You're quoting me out of context here.  There's a clear connection
between SRFI 26 and currying which is easily explained and the
intuition of which is easily grasped.  It's one that occurred
naturally to me, and it occurred naturally to Sebastian.  It's your
right to find it confusing or to find my arguments or Sebastian's
weak.  But until you can find a better name or better arguments to
convince Sebastian, it's his right to put whatever he wants into SRFI

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla