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Re: Changing the name

>>>>> "John" == John David Stone <stone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

John>         Michael Sperber writes:

>> It doesn't look as though the poster knows what "curry" means
>> outside the context of this SRFI.

John>         That is quite true -- as I say, he's trying to _find out_ what
John> currying does.  So why is he looking at SRFI-26?  Because it deals with a
John> macro named CURRY -- if the macro were called SECTION instead, he probably
John> would never have seen SRFI-26.

So why can't we fix that by a perhaps improved explanatory paragraph
in the SRFI?  I have a hard time seeing this specific "incident" as
enough reason to warrant the change.  (Note that I'm not averse to
other arguments.  I just haven't seen anything that convinces me.)

<joke>You can't seriously be advocating a change with the intention of
making less people see the SRFI, right?</joke>

Cheers =8-} M.
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla