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Re: Yo, whassup?

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>Per Bothner <per@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> It's unfortunate that srfi-25 is incompatible with
>> SLIB.  Both include array-set! and make-array functions,
>> but they are incompatible - i.e. there are argument lists
>> that are valid for both apis, but give different results.
>> This is bad.
>But only slightly. For myself, I primarily use SLIB for cut-and-paste
>reuse, it is my library of last resort. I don't like the burden of its
>module system and I frequently find that it implements
>almost-but-not-quite the functionality I need.
>Anyway, I'm not going to go off slagging what is still a good body of
>software (because I *do* use a fair few bits of it in various
>projects), but I just can't see compatibility with SLIB as being an
>Go final.

I have the same problems with SLIB. Somehow it shows it's age.
The fact that it is pretty useless for batch compilers doesn't help...

To arrays: I prefer the way SRFI-25 does it.

Yeah. Finalize it.