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Re: Yo, whassup?

felix writes:

> Since SRFI-25 is now 4 months over the draft period,
> a decision might be called for...

So true. I also promised a final revision to the editor a month ago
and failed again.

1) The spec out there is up to date;

2) packing indices as vectors seems very useful to me for implementing
   higher-level operations; packing them as vector-like arrays seems
   an attempt at something more general, but let them be for now;

3) whether vectors are arrays is unspecified; I did not implement this
   but there should be no problem about it, and the ability to pack
   indices as arrays is compatible with this;

4) no support for sparse arrays; no attempt to make it more abstract
   (whatever that meant - sorry - will study it later);

5) thanks for all the suggestions for higher-level operations; more
   are welcome; that would be another library.

It is limited in scope, but it seems alright to me, and it seems able
to support a useful and interesting larger library. As I understand
the process, the decision is mine to let it go final or withdrawn; I
would say final now; if somebody feels strongly either way, let me
know now.

Either way, it stays available. That is also part of the process.