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Re: Access time of elements Re: Bad things []

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Per Bothner <per@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Of your (David's) two suggestions:
>      1 (array-set! a val dim0 dim1 ... dimn)
>      2 (array-set! a (array-index dim0 dim1 ... dimn) val)
> I can see some appeal in (2), but I do dislike (1).

Fair enough. I initially disliked it, too, but I have grown used to it
through quite a bit of personal code that makes similiar changes for
mutating operators.

> The main problem with (2) is that it adds a new concept - an
> "index object" data-type.

Yep, but it actually adds value, I think. Sooner or later
people are going to want slicing; having the index-object present
helps pave the way for that.

david rush
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