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Re: Access time of elements Re: Bad things []

David Rush wrote:

Per Bothner <per@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

A modest but not order-or-magnitude difference on a non-optimizing
implementation is not does not IMO justify a less natural api.
   --Per Bothner

I would contend that is it a *more* natural API. I find it just as
annoying as the compiler finds it inefficient to scan past an unknown
number of arguments to find something that should *always* be there.

Of your two suggestions:

    1 (array-set! a val dim0 dim1 ... dimn)
    2 (array-set! a (array-index dim0 dim1 ... dimn) val)

I can see some appeal in (2), but I do dislike (1).

The main problem with (2) is that it adds a new concept - an
"index object" data-type.

	--Per Bothner