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Re: linear -> affine and shapes are immutable

> lucier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > I would suggest that "affine" would be a better name than
> > "linear" for the properties of the access functions.  Linear
> > is OK (as in linear as opposed to quadratic polynomials), but in
> > this context with all the "vector"s and "array"s, I think affine
> > would be better.
> Interesting. A book on Java 2D graphics defines affine transformation
> as "one in which parallel lines are still parallel after ...".
> I cannot judge which is better. I don't want to put in anything about
> parallel lines. Does "each index is a sum of multiples" match "affine"
> at least as well as it matches "linear"?

An affine map is a linear map plus a constant.