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Re: "error" special form or procedure?

> >I think this is redundant.  most compilers probably provide _some_ way
> >to treat a keyword as a special form if possible, and treat it as a
> >variable reference otherwise.
> Good point.

I followed the discussion, and now I am again leaning towards
making error an ordinary procedure.

An additional point I think is worth making is that only having
a source location isn't that useful anyway, especially when
code is written using lots of higher order functions.
More useful would be a full stack trace. But for that, special
machinery is needed anyhow, and making error a special form
doesn't help much.

> >  you certainly can do such a thing using syntax-case, for instance.
> This might be a stupid question, but how does it (syntax-case)
> does that?

It appears to me that this is not possible.
It depends on what happens when a macro is encountered
in non-function position, and R5RS is a bit vague on this point.