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Re: load

>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Hilsdale <eh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Erik> At least once in the SRFI draft, in the discussion of using a defined
Erik> entry point, a benefit is asserted about the debuggability of srfi 22
Erik> scripts under Scheme implementations:

Erik>   However, explicitly specifying an entry point has the advantage that
Erik>   scripts are easier to debug with a REPL-type Scheme implementation...

Erik> To realize that benefit, would it be worthwhile defining the
Erik> interaction between the load procedure and scheme source files with a
Erik> "#! " as the first three characters?  

Discuss yes, define no:

We really only talk about the behavior of the *script interpreters*
rather than the REPL or the "usual" behavior of the underlying Scheme
implementation.  (There may not even *be* a REPL.)  Moreover, the
interactive environment of some Scheme implementations doesn't work
via the LOAD procedure, but rather via an extralinguistic mechanism (a
GUI or a REPL escape as in Scheme 48).  I'd like to add something akin
to this, though:

Scheme implementations with an interactive development environment
which support SRFI 22 are encouraged to also support loading Scheme
scripts into that environment.

How's that?

Erik> I know this is a very late comment, and I don't feel any discussion of
Erik> this should delay finalization of srfi 22.

No problems.  It certainly hasn't kept others from bashing the draft

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla