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Re: The "\ filename" meta switch

shivers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>     And adding / filename doesn't come for free as you suggested: It will
>     complicate the SRFI and therefore be a potential source for
>     confusion.

Do it. It's well worth it. The whole *nix #! mechanism has needed
something like Scsh's meta-switch for *ages*.

> Allowing this single switch buys you a lightweight, pure Unix-kernel solution
> without in any way affecting the other uses you had in mind. That seems like a
> good thing.

Me-too ism doesn't really add much to the debate here, but I strongly
feel that Olin is right. He's not just a lone voice defending Scsh.

david rush
Research is what I am doing when I don't know what I am doing."
	-- Wernher von Braun