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Re: Windows scripts

On Mar 11, Marc Feeley wrote:
> I've looked into the syntax of Windows scripts and the compatibility
> with the SRFI 22 proposal.  First here is some information on Windows
> scripts.
> Windows scripts (usually called "batch files") are files with a
> ".bat" or ".cmd" extension.  This extension can be omitted when
> invoking a script.  The script is composed of commands, there is no
> need for a special "#!..." header.  Commands are echoed to standard
> output as they are executed, except if they are prefixed with an
> at-sign (@) or if the command "@echo off" has been executed in the
> script.  The script name and arguments are named %0, %1, ..., %9.
> [...]

I think that I saw somewhere (maybe with SCM?) a "#!" program that you
could use to simulate Unix scripts.  But anyway, this is not as
important as a Unix solution because the standard approach in Windows
would be to associate an extension with some executable -- and this
association can be automated by installer programs.
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