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Re: SRFI-19 reference implementation problem

[I've forwarded this from comp.lang.scheme to the SRFI 19 mailing
 list, since I expect some comments ---Mike]

OK, A new version of the SRFI-19 implementation is available at:


You'll find the code and a small test suite there.

Please let me know of any errors.

Will Fitzgerald

"Will Fitzgerald" <wafitzge-spamless@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
message news:Wjf5a.697$se1.322800@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hi,
> This is Will Fitzgerald.
> I am working on a new reference implementation, and hope to have it up
> soon (perhaps over the weekend). It's true that I've been slow to get this
> done.
> One reason is that I think there really ought to be a new SRFI that
> addresses time and dates--but I haven't had much time for this either!
> -- Will
> "Noel Welsh" <noelwelsh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:cdac2dde.0302180452.51031638@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > I believe there are a number of bugs in the reference implementation.
> > Last time we really went over this on the Schematics list we were
> > promised a fix by Will Fitzgerald.  I recently tried to email him but
> > the email bounced.
> >
> > The discussion can be found here:
> >
> >
> et=75&forum_id=11793
> >
> > Noel