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Re: perhaps I've missed something ...

Matthias Felleisen <matthias@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I am sorry to see that there is such a huge misunderstanding in our own
> community. 

Here we go again.  Do they teach condescending at Rice?

> 1. Levels of programmers aside, set! and set-field-of-something!  are two
>    different concepts:

Could you save pointing out the obvious to your beginning students,
instead of to someone who has been in the programming-languages field
as long as you have or longer?

>    The idea of reifying the environment and introducing an invalid modifier
>    on it doesn't change this. It only emphasizes it. 

At least for top-level environments, the two forms are equivalent.

>    If it weren't for set!, Scheme would be a perfect data-oriented language
>    on top of mathematics (and thus mathematical reasoning). 

And pray how is set! different from set-field-of-something! in this respect?
	--Per Bothner
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