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Re: specification by implications and example

Per Bothner wrote:

> > The examples that follow, however, are all of the shape
> >  (set!  (procedure-name ...) ...)
> That *is* a procedure application.  I guess the correct R5RS terminology
> is that the first set! operand can be a "procedure call".

Yes, this *is* a procedure application.  But it's far from the only
way to write down a procedure application.  In Scheme, for instance, I
can write

  ((f x) y)

as a procedure application, or

  ((lambda (x) x) y)

as a procedure application.  Can I therefore write

  (set! ((lambda (x) x) y) V)

using your SRFI?  Your follow-up message suggests not, but nothing in
the SRFI precludes this.  Furthermore, precluding this seems to be
inconsistent with your desire to be "in the ``spirit of Scheme''".