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RE: Char sets, Unicode & deadline

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> From goetter@xxxxxxxxxx  Wed Dec 20 13:43:31 2000
> I want the option of efficient in storage, as well as speed.  If I can't
> call pred->cs later, I have to deliver it as a precomputed bitmap.  Oink.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brad Lucier [mailto:lucier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> > From goetter@xxxxxxxxxx  Wed Dec 20 13:34:58 2000
> > I urge you to keep your original function, which was elegant: simply allow
> > it, optionally, to be lazy.
> Sounds no good.  I figure I should be able to implement such a thing
> efficiently and I can't see how.

If pred->cs is not in theis SRFI, then you can implement it however
you want.  I'm not enthusiastic about having to implement such a
beast just to claim that my implementation is SRFI-14 compliant.