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Re: Char sets, Unicode & deadline

> From shivers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Wed Dec 20 11:04:07 2000
> That said, I will concede that this is a problem, and so let us, you & I, do
> some screamingly fast redesign. I propose deleting
>     (predicate->char-set  pred [base-cs]) -> char-set
>     (predicate->char-set! pred base-cs)   -> char-set
> and replacing them with
>     (char-set-filter  pred cset [base-cs]) -> char-set
>     (char-set-filter! pred cset base-cs)   -> char-set
> This applies PRED to every character in CSET. Any char passing the test is
> added to char set BASE-CS (defaulting to the empty set for the pure version),
> producing the result. The bang version performs linear update to BASE-CS.

Sounds good.

> From goetter@xxxxxxxxxx  Wed Dec 20 13:34:58 2000
> I urge you to keep your original function, which was elegant: simply allow
> it, optionally, to be lazy.

Sounds no good.  I figure I should be able to implement such a thing
efficiently and I can't see how.


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