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An issue about ASCII-RANGE->CHAR-SET

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R5RS and all other procedures except ascii-range->char-set
proposed in srfi-14 are defined so that they don't assume
any specific character encoding.  For example, char->integer
may return different integer value from the same character
on different implementations.  So it is a bit weird for me
that the spec explicitly refer to the ascii encoding in

How about (integer-range->char-set LOWER UPPER), which
contains every character on which the result of applying
char->integer falls in the range of [LOWER, UPPER).
The result is dependent on the internal character representation
the implementation is using (but likely to be the same if you
limit LOWER and UPPER in the range of the ascii code).

I think char-set:ascii is fine, because it refers only to the
ascii character set, not the ascii encoding.

BTW, I prefer LIST->CHAR-SET to CHARS->CHAR-SET, for the former is
consistent with its argument.

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