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Re: Minor comments on SRFI-13

   >The eleven functions not included are the R4RS string-comparison functions:
   >    string=?  string-ci=?
   >    string<?  string-ci<?
   >    string>?  string-ci>?
   >    string<=? string-ci<=?
   >    string>=? string-ci>=?
   >    substring

   SUBSTRING is not a string-comparison function.


   >string-every pred s [start end] -> boolean
   >string-any   pred s [start end] -> value

   Why not allow using CHAR/CHAR-SET/PRED here?

Uhh... OK. I'm reluctant to stuff *more* functionality into the lib, but it
does preserve parallelism w/the other routines. The char case doesn't seem
very useful, but the char-set case is, and if one is going to do char-sets &
predicates, one should include the char case to stay parallel w/the other
routines in the lib.

   >    The reference implementation uses the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm.

   This comment does not belong in the final SRFI document.


Thank you.