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Re: shared-text substrings

Per Bothner wrote:

> It's even nicer when your Scheme dialect has keywords:
> [...]

Keywords in your implementation are wholly unnecesary.  This is a data
language, not a procedure call context.  The XML collection could just
as well have used the syntax you propose, or indeed many others.  And
this is without even getting into the cost of keywords, or indeed even 
their appropriateness (as a poor man's substitute for objects -- why
bother when you have real objects?), etc, that aren't germane here.


PS: Now that I think about it even more, I *can't* reuse the
    implementation of keywords built into the implementation (using,
    say, APPLY), because the set of keywords used by the set of all
    documents is naturally limitless, whereas keyword syntaxes use a
    fixed set of keywords.  So keywords don't help any.