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Re: shared-text substrings

Dan Bornstein <danfuzz@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> I know it's not hard scientific evidence, but at the company I currently
> work for, we have a Scheme-based engine generating web pages, which uses
> string-append in a fairly naive but straightforward way. It was way too
> slow, and that slowness was largely accounted for by time taken up in
> string-append.

For what it's worth, I have a little Scheme-based html generation
program (don't we all :) that suffered from this very problem.
I ended up dropping string-append completely.  I built a tree of
strings, opened output to the target file, and just walked the tree
with `display'.

Perhaps this is what you meant by implementing string-append/shared
at a higher level.  That's pretty high, though.


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