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Hello? Anyone home?

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There is a little over a week left in SRFI-12's sixty-day draft
period.  With the exception of one message from Matthew Flatt the
the authors have not taken part in the discussion.  Most of it
been about the authors' motivation for various decisions and I
suppose there is no particular need for a response.

It would be nice if the authors could at least make SRFI-12's
implementation match its specification.  Way back at the beginning
I pointed out that the implementation of `condition-property-accessor'
uses `eq?' (via `assq' and `memq') for both kind-keys and prop-keys.
The specification says that kind-keys are compared using `eqv?' and
says nothing about how prop-keys are compared.

I am sure that Dave Mason would be happy to make any required
changes to SRFI-12 if someone would only tell him what to do.

                                   -Richard Kelsey