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Re: new draft available

Alex Shinn scripsit:

> http://srfi.schemers.org/srfi-15/srfi-15.html

I didn't know `fluid-let` had anything to do with regular expressions!

> If there are no further issues I'll move to
> finalize this.

Minor typos:  s/substition/substitution/; "an sre", "an regex";
s/interspered/interspersed/; s/encloding/encoding/; s/Alway/Always/;
s/kleene/Kleene/; s/bactracking/backtracking/.

Definition of `regexp`: s/Compile/Compiles/

Similarly in `regex-{extract,split,partition}`:  s/Extract/Extracts/;
s/Split/Splits/; s/Partition/Partitions/.

In `regexp-fold`, I think formatting (kons i regexp-match str acc)
as a displayed equation hurts readability.

I still have to look at the SRE Syntax section -- probably later today.

Substantive points:

Maybe `regex-replace` should accept an optional integer argument
indicating which occurrence in the main string to replace.

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