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Re: one last issue - non-capturing

On Fri, May 09, 2014 at 03:27:19AM +0900, Alex Shinn wrote:
> Currently we don't define any utility procedures
> for manipulating SREs, and its use is analogous
> to e.g. w/nocase, for which the same argument
> holds, so for consistency the syntax made more
> sense.

Of course.  After I sent the mail, this occurred to me too :)

> > I like that idea.  I always found it rather confusing
> > that names were _also_ numbers.
> This, however, is how PCRE and most other
> libraries work.  I thought it was ubiquitous but
> apparently .NET did the right (?) thing and broke
> with tradition here.
> If we did use .NET semantics, SREs would no
> longer simply be an alternate syntax for PCREs,

I think you're completely right about both things.  I didn't
know that PCRE did named submatches like this (didn't even
know it had them at all :P).