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Re: english names for symbolic SREs

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On 12/1/2013 4:33 PM, Alex Shinn wrote:

You repeatedly dismiss concerns from
actual users of the SRE syntax that they would
need to rewrite their code and their _data_ files.
Procedure names can be rebound by the module
system, but data can't, and SREs could be in use
by people who aren't even programmers.

If short names are not part of the standard, SCSH and IrRegex can continue to support them as an extension to the standard. Peoples code would continue to work. Peoples regular expressions would continue to work, they would just not be portable. Yes, if they wanted their regular expressions to be portable, they would have to rewrite them.

But this SRFI is for SREs and their users.

If this SRFI is not destined to become part of R7RS-large, then I apologize. I am embarrassed that I proposed to eviscerate your SRFI and more. I will shut up and go away.

But, I am under the impression that there is a plan to make this SRFI part of R7RS-large. If this is the wrong time and place to have raised my issues, when and where are the right place?