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Re: english names for symbolic SREs

Alex Shinn scripsit:

> One final thing, do people prefer the 'non-greedy-' prefix
> or the 'lazy-' prefix?  What's actually happening is that in
> submatches which include the repetition, the semantics
> will switch from leftmost-longest match to leftmost-shortest,
> As far as I can tell "non-greedy" is a more common description,
> and I initially avoided "lazy" because it might be confused
> with lazy evaluation.  Java apparently calls them "reluctant."
> But lazy is the shortest.

I prefer "non-greedy", because it is the most common term.  Note that Java
has not only greedy and reluctant (= non-greedy), but also possessive
(notated *+, matches everything, never backtracks).  I have been unable
to see the use of this, however.

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