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Re: english names for symbolic SREs

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 12:37 AM, John Cowan <cowan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Alex Shinn scripsit:

> It was John who insisted that the names be added, and John
> who came up with most of the new names, so I'm assuming
> he genuinely wants them.

I do, though I didn't come up with the idea and in fact was initially
against having more than one way to do it, but you convinced me otherwise.
I think the long names are more self-documenting, more Schemey, and
will make SREs more accessible to people who find string REs an
abomination of the outer darkness.

The real question is not whether you think other people
will use them.  The question is, do you personally intend
to use the long names?