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New release of SRFI 114 with implementation

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I finally finished writing the sample implementation of SRFI 114,
Comparators, with the exception of the tests.  I have informally tested
it, but of course that's not a real substitute.

I've also made a new version of the SRFI itself.  Most of the changes
are editorial, including a substantial reordering of the procedures
to minimize forward references.  Among the few new facilities are the
ability to ask a comparator whether it implements comparison procedures
or hash functions or both.

The SRFI is temporarily at <http://ccil.org/~cowan/temp/srfi-114.html>;
the tarball is at <http://ccil.org/~cowan/temp/comparators.tar.gz>.
SRFI editors, please migrate them to their proper places.

Everyone: please review.  I plan to recommend that WG2 make this a
*mandatory* part of R7RS-large, because there will be many other
container SRFIs (sets, hash tables, etc.) that depend on it.

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