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Re: Hashtable related APIs

> Because it's a silly name.  The term has always been "hash table";
> only Java (and C# which cloned Java) and R6RS use "hashtable", which
> in English looks like "hasht-able" with the suffix "-able" added to a
> nonexistent verb "hasht".
I see your point, I've always considered hashtable as one word. Maybe
I've got too used to Java way.

> We are stuck with "bytevector" now, but there are still a lot of
> programs using SRFI 69 and "hash-table".
However, R6RS is standard and SRFI 69 is still SRFI. IMO, we should
stuck with 'hashtable', especially if the hashtable APIs will be a part
of R7RS. But this is off topic since it's not relative at all.


Takashi Kato
E-mail: ktakashi@xxxxxxxxx