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Re: Hashtable related APIs

Takashi Kato scripsit:

> I've noticed that the Index contains hashtable related APIs however
> there is no description for them.

They are just cut and paste errors: they should say "set-union",
"set-intersection", etc.

> whey it's using 'hash-table' instead of 'hashtable' which is official
> name for R6RS?

Because it's a silly name.  The term has always been "hash table";
only Java (and C# which cloned Java) and R6RS use "hashtable", which
in English looks like "hasht-able" with the suffix "-able" added to a
nonexistent verb "hasht".

Early drafts of R6RS used "hash table", but it was changed
for compatibility with "bytevector" when Art Gleckler suggested
<http://www.r6rs.org/formal-comments/comment-215.txt> that "byte-vector"
would be better.  We are stuck with "bytevector" now, but there are
still a lot of programs using SRFI 69 and "hash-table".

See my pre-SRFI proposal for extended hash table procedures at

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