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Re: Open issues for SRFI 113

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> I agree.  My only reservation is that hash tables will have to support
> naked equality predicates for backward compatibility with SRFI 69 and
> R6RS.  But I think we can allow them in that SRFI and deprecate them
> instead of allowing them anywhere.  Removed.

I have added this paragraph:

    Implementations must support any comparator that provides
    both a comparison procedure and a hash function, as well
    as the comparators `eq-comparator`, `eqv-comparator`, and
    `equal-comparator`.  Implementations may support other
    comparators, possibly with some degradation of performance.

This permits an all-singing all-dancing implementation to use hash tables
if a hash function is available, trees if a comparison procedure is
available, and lists if neither is available.

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