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Re: srfi-113

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Aubrey Jaffer scripsit:

> srfi-113 looks like a useful package.  On first reading I am concerned
> that heavy use as a noun of the word "set", which is already so common
> as a verb in Scheme and its libraries, will cause great confusion to
> anyone unfamiliar with srfi-113.

That's a good point.  When I was cloning the representation-independent
routines in isets-impl from sets-impl, I had to go back and fix
`integer-set!` to just `set!`.

> Is there some other name which might serve instead of "set" in srfi-113?
> Two possibilities are "gset" for set with general object membership and
> "dset" for set with distinct (non-repeated) elements.

"Dset" does not work for me, because having distinct elements is part
of the definition of a set; it is not distinguishing enough.  However,
"gset" is possible.  What do other people think?

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