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Re: Names, c-memory-model, etc.

Devon Schudy scripsit:

> Is it too late for comments?

I've requested finalization, but the editors have not yet granted it,
so I'm sending them a new draft meeting your points.

> The meaning of system-instance is not obvious from its name. I suspect
> this is because "system" suggests "operating system", not "host", and
> "instance" doesn't indicate that it's the *name* of the host. How
> about something containing "name", such as machine-name or
> machine-hostname or host-name or hostname?

I've changed this to machine-name.  I didn't do sufficient analysis
of the Common Lisp names before proposing the SRFI.

> I'm guessing os-type is supposed to return a human-readable name of
> the OS ("Mac OS X", "Linux", "Microsoft Windows Vista", "Plan 9 from
> Bell Labs") rather than a short machine-readable name of the OS family
> ("unix", "windows"), since the latter is covered better by (features).
> In that case, it would be clearer to call it os-name. This would also
> make os-{name,version} consistent with implementation-{name,version}.

+1.  Changed.

> What's the intended use of c-memory-model? 

Most of your specific arguments are irrelevant, because this is a logging
API, not a discrimination API.  But they convince me that there should
be a separate run-time API that lets you discover the memory model
for discrimination.  We have already had complaints about the memory
model cond-expand features, because compilers that output C typically
don't know the memory model at compile time.  So I've removed
c-memory-model from the SRFI.

> Other environment inquiries that might be worth including:

These are for discrimination or computation rather than logging,
and so don't fit into this SRFI, but should find a place in other
SRFIs.  I've copied them to the wiki as MiscEnvironmentSchudy.

The new version is temporarily at <http://ccil.org/~cowan/temp/srfi-112.html>.
I've fixed a bunch of embarrassing typos, too.

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