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(c-memory-model) and more

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I think you should add example return values for the (c-memory-model)
procedure.  The ones in R7RS, appendix B, should do: ilp32, lp64, ilp64,

Not a big deal, but is "memory model" the correct term to use?  It looks
like the terms (64-bit) "data model" and "programming model" are more common
and give better web searches.

I would also like to know what you think about more types of queries.  Why
not include some single-valued stuff from the sysconf, sysctl, /proc and
/sys facilities on Linux/BSD systems?

E.g., on a multi-threaded implementation I'd like to know how many CPU cores
I've got to distribute my workload on.

There are many things that would be great to know that are quite trivial to
get on most systems.  I could make a list of suggestions, if anyone are

I've implemented SRFI-112 in Mickey:

Christian Stigen Larsen