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Thank you VERY MUCH for participating in SRFI-110 (sweet-expressions)

My sincere thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the development of SRFI-110.
It's never possible to accept *all* comments, but I believe that the
many comments we've received have helped make SRFI-110 a better specification.

I'm now submitting the final version of SRFI-110 to the SRFI editors,
including supporting material such as the reference implementation.
I expect that the specification will be frozen at that point.

I encourage Scheme implementations to implement this SRFI as an option,
or at least create hooks to simplify creating and embedding these capabilities.
I can't force that (obviously!), but I can encourage it...!

If you want to discuss something relevant in the future, it's my
understanding that you'll be able to post to the srfi-110 mailing list.
However, you might also consider posting to the readable-discuss mailing list
(both addresses are in this email's headings).

--- David A. Wheeler