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Reminder: LAST CALL for SRFI-110. Deadline 2013-09-07

A reminder: If you have additional (constructive) comments on SRFI-110,
please post them NOW.  I intend to finish this SRFI once 2013-09-07 passes.

Below is is the 2013-09-02 posting that you should have already seen.

Again, thanks for everyone's time.

--- David A. Wheeler

> If you have any last proposals about SRFI-110,
> please post them NOW on the srfi-110 mailing list,
> or forever hold your peace.  I intend to declare
> SRFI-110 complete on September 7, 2013 unless I hear some
> proposal otherwise.
> I think SRFI-110 is done:
> * We've responded to every comment I know of, including
>   supporting #;+whitespace and simplifying examples.
> * The SRFI-110 text passes the W3C validators for HTML and CSS.
> * The Scheme reference implementation passes over 500 tests.
> * My goal has been to have a notation that works for both
>   Scheme and Common Lisp, and there are implementations for both.
> My sincere thanks to everyone who has participated.
> --- David A. Wheeler