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Re: datum comments of sweet-expressions

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David A. Wheeler scripsit:

> In Scheme and Common Lisp you could return (values), but that isn't
> really enough, because you then need to pass around "there is no value
> here" and determine if it's true or not.

That is exactly what is done by CL reader macro functions: they return
(values) when they wish to make no contribution to the S-expression
being constructed, or a single value when they do wish to contribute.

But I don't necessarily recommend that.  I think the EMPTY tag works
better.  However, I think the habit of using conses as unique tags
just makes debugging output hard to decipher.  I much prefer this style:

(define foo-tag (string-copy "foo"))

This is guaranteed to return a unique object.  In Common Lisp, this
is spelled:

(defconstant foo-tag (copy-seq "foo"))

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