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Re: More comments, and the ANTLR code is too complex

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Mark H Weaver <mhw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> * Inconsistent syntax is used within {} in the ANTLR.  In most places
>   standard Scheme syntax is used, but in 'collecting_tail', the syntax
>   is more like C.
> * Why are the action rules in 'n_expr' simply expressions that refer to
>   values such as '$n1', but the action rules of 'collecting_tail' are
>   instead assignment statements that refer to values such as '$more.v'?

It turns out that this was operator error on my part.
My translator worked, but for some reason I cut-and-pasted instead
of using the translated version in the SRFI.

I think I've fixed it.

--- David A. Wheeler