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Re: sweet-expressions are not homoiconic

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Alan Manuel Gloria <almkglor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Okay, here's a cut at the semantisc of a "limited" form of ParEdit for
> indentation, which I shall dub IndEndit, just to screw with everyone's tongues.

Hmm, I suspect it will soon be called "Alan's mode" :-).

Although experimentation is needed, this sounds like a very
reasonable approach.

> 2.  If the cursor is at the start of a line (after indentation chars,
> i.e. space tab and bang) then the extent of the expression is
> considered as being up to the next non-comment line at or with lesser
> indentation.

I like this in particular.  I mentioned earlier that a line can include
multiple dedents, which is true, but this would create an "obvious"
way to select the level you wanted.

Sounds great!

--- David A> Wheeler