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Why forbid ! in whitespace-only line?

1. If an end-of-line sequence immediately follows the indentation and the indentation length is nonzero:
 a. If the indentation contains â!â, it is an error; an implementation SHOULD reject it.

Why error rather than allowing it as either ignored or terminating line?
I can see how punting the question "is ! empty" simplifies the spec, but it may be a missed opportunity.

Once you prefix a block with !, it seems to me there is no reason to additionally require a comment â "! ;" (or other workarounds) â to express ignored vertical whitespace.
Isn't this the cleanest thing possible:

define long-func(x)
 let ((foo bar(x)))
 ! do stuff
 ! ...
 ! more stuff
 ! ...

In any case, I didn't find this discussed in the rationale.

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin