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Re: Should we MAY a "curly-write" and "neoteric-write"? Or even "sweet-write"?

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David A. Wheeler scripsit:

> Is there a a simple example of an efficient R7RS "write" and
> "write-shared" implementation?  The "obvious" solution involves hash
> tables (which are not portable), & I fear there's some corner case or
> clever simplification I won't realize.

I don't know any other way to do it.  However, though not part of
R7RS-small, SRFI 69 hash tables are fairly pervasive, because they are
simple, have a reference implementation, and can be built on top of
R6RS hashtables (which are standard).  The only reason they aren't in
more Schemes is that as SRFIs go, 69 is a fairly recent one.  I wouldn't
hesitate to use them.

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