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Re: Should we MAY a "curly-write" and "neoteric-write"? Or even "sweet-write"?

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David A. Wheeler scripsit:

> "Implementations <em>MAY</em> provide the procedures
> <var>curly-write</var>, <var>neoteric-write</var>, and/or <var>sweet-write</var>
> as writers that can write c-expressions, n-expressions, and t-expressions respectively.

I'd say forget sweet-write and go with curly-write and neoteric-write,
and go ahead and use MUST modals for them, without overspecifying
what they output.  R7RS systems MUST provide curly-write{simple,shared}
and neoteric-write-{simple,shared} as well.

As long as there is a good reference implementation, there is no reason
not to require these things.

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