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OT: Formatting Lisp code from the command line (was: First impressions of the specification)

Mark H Weaver scripsit:

> Those of us who use Emacs don't have to figure out what to line up,
> because it simply does it for us.  This is how the vast majority of
> Schemers write code.

I don't, but I would like to be able to run my code through the Emacs
formatter for publication purposes.  Does anyone know how to do this
from the command line?  I do have Emacs installed.

> The line-up approach assumes fixed-width fonts, yes, but I don't see the
> relevance of non-ASCII chars or encodings.  Existing free fixed-width
> fonts support a great many languages.

In any case, the line-up approach is relevant only to s-expressions,
not to t-expressions, where the approach is definitely based on spaces
and tabs only.

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