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Re: First impressions of the specification

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Mark H Weaver:

> > And that leads to my next question: has anyone written a nice emacs mode
> > to help edit sweet expressions?  I think that such a mode will be
> > crucial for adoption.  I doubt that many Lisp hackers will be interested
> > in trying to get things lined up by hand.  We've had better tools for
> > decades, and have grown accustomed to those conveniences.  Almost none
> > of us want to go back to the stone age, no matter how nice it looks.

Not yet.

Currently we've focused on getting a good notation, including actually writing code in it.  Now we're trying to get wider review and then freeze it via the SRFI process.

In the end, what needs to happen is widespread implementation, but I think many people will not want to implement it until it's relatively stable.

After that, we need to get this included in Scheme implementations such as guile and Racket  (Not *just* them, the more the merrier).

I've actually started discussing a vim mode with the Scheme vim developers.  Haven't done that with emacs; I'm hoping someone else will step to the plate for that.

In many ways a sweet-expression mode is much *easier* to implement than traditional Lisp, because there's no strong need to synchronize two representations (indentation and parens).

--- David A. Wheeler