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Code sample pairs

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I intend over the next week or so to post some "code sample" pairs.  Each pair will be some existing Scheme code, along with the same code using sweet-expressions.

The whole goal of this SRFI is to create a notation with improved readability.  Readability is in the end a human decision, so we'll never get universal agreement, but we can at least present examples (as code sample pairs) and determine if many people find them more readable.  It'll also give evidence (I hope!) that the notation is general enough to handle "real code" well.

Others are welcome to post code sample pairs.  I intend to collect them in the "readable" git repository; we could also include them as links in the SRFI if people think that's a good idea.

My process will be pretty simple; I'll just find some Scheme code, run it through "sweeten", and then hand-tweak the results for maximum readability.  I'll force the first indent character (if any) to be "!" so that the results will look okay on mail transports that screw up leading spaces.

 --- David A. Wheeler