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Re: how useful are collecting lists?

It might be better to show an example for define-library *without*
implicit begin, since that's what's defined in R7RS.

define-library (example grid) . <*

export make ...
import (scheme base) ...

<* begin

define whatever ...


On 3/15/13, David Vanderson <david.vanderson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 03/14/2013 02:36 PM, David A. Wheeler wrote:
>> David Vanderson <david.vanderson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> First attempt attached.  Please let me know if I'm going in a decent
>>> direction.
>> Since you said "First attempt", I'm assuming that you're going to make
>> some further changes and then submit it, which is fine.
>> If that's not your intent, and you want me to just start by accepting and
>> then editing this, that's fine too.  Just let me know.
>> I think it'd be easier to take smaller changes and do them incrementally,
>> where we can.
>> --- David A. Wheeler
> Good point.  I've attached an updated diff incorporating the feedback so
> far, but don't have anything else right now.  Please accept and edit as
> you like.  I'll try to do smaller changes in the future.
> Thanks,
> Dave