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Re: how useful are collecting lists?

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On 3/12/13, David Vanderson <david.vanderson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm very interested in sweet-expressions - thank you!  I'm already sold
> on curly-infix, neoteric, indentation, and SUBLIST.  I'd like to ask
> about collecting lists.
> Collecting lists seem to have small importance in the SRFI, and it's not
> obvious that they are warranted given the rational in the SRFI. Also
> they are unused in both example programs (sweeten and letterfall).
> Given this, I don't understand their inclusion in the SRFI.  What am I
> missing?

R6RS library and R7RS define-library.

This thread started the discussion:


FWIW we just finalized collectinglist, and so sweeten and letterfall
both do not use it simply because they predate collectinglist.

Also, both use Guile as the Scheme backend system, which has the
"module declaration is a separate s-expression and module contents
follow it" model rather than the "module is a single s-expression and
module contents is inside it" model of R6RS/R7RS.  So using
collectinglist is not as vital in those example programs.  If we were
using say chibischeme (which uses R7RS syntax) or Racket (which has
the module-as-single-s-expression model IIRC), then we'd have used it