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Examples of sweet-expressions

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If you're interested in sweet-expressions, there are a lot of examples that might make the proposal clearer.

The SRFI-110 proposal includes a whole section of examples... we hope they help, and if not, please suggest something that would clarify things (or at least point out the area you find confusing).

In addition, there are two programs written using sweet-expressions,
which may be useful examples to show they work "in real life":

1. "sweeten", by David A. Wheeler (me), is
a program that reads traditionally-formatted
s-expressions and writes sweet-expressions.
This program performs a great deal of traditional list processing.
You can download readable version 0.7.0 from
and look in "src/sweeten.sscm" to see more.
Or for the latest development version, jump to:
select "src" then select "sweeten.sscm".

2. "letterfall" 
by Alan Manuel K. Gloria is a graphical
real-time touch typing game to improve typing skills, which uses
GNOME libraries.  You can get it from:

--- David A. Wheeler